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The core is the center of your body. It’s important to have a strong and stable core to avoid injuries and enhance physical capabilities.

Core exercises are one of the most important aspects of a fitness regimen. They help to strengthen your back, improve posture, and promote balance.

Elite Spine Chiropractic has expertise in providing an appropriate exercise routine that targets your core muscles. Our chiropractors guarantee to educate you in everything you need to lead a healthy and comfortable life.

Where are the core muscles and their importance?

Chiropractic Exercise

To find your core muscles, put your hand on your waist, then suck in the belly button to your spine and feel if you can sense a tight muscle under the skin.  That muscle is the core muscle. It runs obliquely from the front of the body to the backside ribs. 

The core provides stability to all movements. The whole torso is supported by these muscles, which are called pillars. When they work properly and you have a strong pillar, your stabilization will be stronger for both the upper body as well as the lower body.

Muscle Imbalance: What is it? How to prevent it?

Chiropractic Exercise

Your core muscles have to work together in symmetry to avoid abnormal movement. Muscle imbalance means that there is an improper balance between strong and weak muscles. Let me give you an example. In the pelvic area, it is common for hip flexors, lumbar paraspinals, gluteal/core muscle groups to be tight while other areas are too lax. This combination can result in anterior pelvic tilt, which leads to back pain.

The human spine is a complex structure that is prone to injury in many ways. One way is through excessive bending forward, side to side, or rotating excessively. These injuries happen due to the accumulation of several incidents where a person lifts heavy items without proper posture.

Dr. Dominic Lupori is eager to help anyone who wants to restore and acquire a stable core muscle. Through proper chiropractic care, Elite Spine Chiropractic delivers effective results using the synergy of nutritional counseling, exercise routines, and spinal adjustments. All of which are safe, non-invasive, and drug-free interventions.

Exercise Routine for Core Muscle

Chiropractic Exercise


Using this simple exercise, you can strengthen your abdominal muscles. As the stomach contracts inward and upward, it strengthens the surrounding musculature that reinforces a natural curvature of the spine.

Lie on your back with both knees bent 90 degrees and place hands on the abdomen (do not rest them). Take in a deep breath into the belly button while pressing up onto arms/hands as if they were resisting an imaginary weight placed above the neck/chest area. Then exhale slowly by pulling navel towards spine tightening abs for 5 minutes or until you need another inhalation.


The exercise is designed to improve posture, reduce lower back pain and increase hip flexibility. Our patients at Elite Spine Chiropractic often start with this exercise when visiting our chiropractic clinic.

Start in a lying position with both knees bent. Your feet should be flat on the floor. 

Place your hands parallel to your body and have palms touching the ground for 2 seconds before returning down into starting position. Perform two sets of 10 repetitions.


To improve your balance, start by laying flat on the floor with feet against a wall and arms outstretched to form an "X". Bend knees enough so that ankles are positioned over (or touching) each other. With one foot near the knee of the opposite leg, gradually lower it toward whichever side you're facing until both legs form a 90-degree angle at their kneecaps and thighs touch. Hold this position for up to 30 seconds before returning to the starting position. Repeat 30 times of 10 repetitions and three sets.

It is recommended to work with a fitness professional to help ensure safety and proper technique when developing core stability programs. Elite Spine Chiropractic offers a proper exercise routine made for you based on your lifestyle, medical condition, and medical history.

At Elite Spine, we want every patient to live a better life by promoting a healthier lifestyle. We believe that a healthy spine and a strong core greatly contribute to living a pain-free life.

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