Intersegmental Traction

When the posture and mobility are affected, some muscles along the spine tighten while others become tired and weak. In time, the affected ligaments and muscles make spinal correction more complicated. 

Intersegmental traction is to gently elongate and stretch the muscles supporting the spine to improve the retraining of the spine. 

Intersegmental traction therapy is one therapy option that can be performed to treat soreness, stiffness, neck and back pain. This therapy is all about maximizing the range of motion between the vertebrae while continuously enhancing the ability of the person's body to disperse critical nutrients throughout the area.

Laying down and allowing the gentle massage action of the table will provide you with these helpful benefits.

Joint Motion. As you lay down relaxed, face-up on the table, rollers beneath the surface slowly travel up and down the spine. It adds beneficial motion to each spinal segment, which becomes the key to restore and improve spinal function.

Improved Circulation. The gentle stretch performed on the soft tissues and supporting muscles maximizes oxygen and blood flow, essential for healing.

Muscle Relaxation. When the muscles spasms subside and become more relaxed, the recovery and healing process from the spinal injury can be accelerated.

Reduce Swelling. The fluid build-up and edema mainly accompany new injuries. Motion done to the spinal joints lessens the protective mechanism and sets the stage for better recovery.

Disc Hydration. With blood supply to the disc is nonexistent, healing and disc nutrition depend on the circulation of fluids surrounding the joints. Traction helps circulate the fluids, supplying all the nutrition it needs and eliminating cellular wastes.

Passive Exercise. Like any stretching you do when you exercise, intersegmental traction helps restore the elasticity to the muscles supporting the spine. It helps break up the scar tissue and adhesions, making chiropractic adjustments more effective.
Feels Great. You definitely love to relax, and traction will make you feel good. It is an essential adjunctive procedure that improves the effects of chiropractic treatment and care.

How does intersegmental traction therapy work?

This therapy option involves a highly specialized treatment table which is solely designed for this chiropractic care therapy. It has specialized rollers used to manipulate all vertebrae in the patient's body, starting at the neck area and ending at the end of the spine. 

Which conditions respond well to intersegmental traction?

  • Stiff or sore neck
  • Lower back pain
  • Arthritis

What results to expect after doing the therapy?

  • Reduced pain in the back or neck
  • Reduced stiffness in the back or neck
  • Increased range of motion between each vertebra
  • Increased spinal nutritional health 
  • Increased joint function

What to expect while doing the treatment?

The usual session is five to ten minutes, depending on the patient's condition and what particular treatment they need. Primarily, the patient has to lay down flat on their back. The therapist will place the roller at the base of the neck and then begin to energize the table. The roller will systematically traverse the entire length of the spine gently and slowly. Most patients serve a measurable reduction in stiffness and pain after their very first treatment.

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