Chiropractic Care: Costs and Benefits - Finding An Affordable Chiropractor In Greenville

Chiropractic care is an affordable, drug-free way to improve your health. It's a natural solution that can help with a number of different ailments. Whether you're looking for pain relief or want to make regular visits as part of your wellness plan, chiropractic care might be the right fit for you.

Chiropractic care is a popular treatment for back pain and other musculoskeletal issues. Most people know the basics of chiropractic, but not all understand how it works or what to expect when seeking out this type of therapy. Furthermore, most people tend to look for an affordable chiropractor in Greenville. From cost to benefits, here are some things you should know before visiting your first chiropractic clinic.

What Is Chiropractic Care?

Chiropractic care is a form of complementary medicine that helps realign your joints with the help of hands-on manipulations. These adjustments may lead to pain relief for conditions such as bone, cartilage, connective tissue, and muscle ailments.

Chiropractic care is a natural, affordable way to promote health and wellness. It's a drug-free therapy that can help with pain relief for conditions such as headaches or back pain.

Chiropractic treatment often focuses on your spine but may focus on other parts of your body depending upon the particular issue you're dealing with. Depending on which type of therapy is chosen, there are similarities and differences in techniques between chiropractors and physical therapists.

How Much Does Regular Chiropractic Care Cost?

A typical visit to a chiropractor in Greenville will run you about $50-$75 per session. That includes the exam plus any treatments like adjustments, manipulations, massage therapy, or electrotherapy if needed. The following chiropractic services might not be offered in all chiropractic clinics. Hence, it aims to provide a general guide on how much chiropractic visits are:

MRI Scanning

MRI is a medical imaging technique that provides detailed pictures of the body. The magnetic resonance scans are typically outsourced to an MRI center near you and can cost anywhere from $100-$400, depending on your location. Your chiropractor will use this information for patients' wellness needs during visits at their office or through phone consultations when necessary. It allows them to make accurate diagnoses in various aspects of health care (e.g., musculoskeletal system).


Electromyography is a method of measuring electrical muscle activity. It can give the chiropractor vital information about how your muscles are used or even potential problems with joint issues and spinal cord damage that could affect mobility, pain levels, and general health. EMG testing usually costs at least $200. Still, it may cost more if you need to do it repeatedly for an extended period due to chronic discomfort or continued activity following injury.

Ultrasound Therapy

The use of ultrasonic waves has shown promise as a viable form of therapy for muscle spasms and inflammation. In addition, it is inexpensive so that it can be added to an appointment with little cost burden on the patient. Ultrasound technology also offers relief from joint pain through improved circulation in areas typically under stress or pressure - such as those at risk of osteoarthritis due to frequent movement.

Laser Treatments

Laser therapy is a new form of chiropractic treatment that provides targeted relief for complex sports injuries. The laser can reduce pain and swelling in an area with just one pulse, which can be helpful when dealing with injured muscles or joints due to strain from physical activity. It's important to mention that this type of technology does come at a cost – expect treatments ranging between $200-$300 per session depending on your location.


TENS units are a type of muscular electrical stimulation that uses electrodes on the skin to transmit energy from an outside source. These devices can be expensive, with treatments costing up to $250 per session and individual applications only being as little as $20 each.


Hydrotherapy is one of the oldest forms of therapy available. Hydrotherapists might use water in a bath, pool, or wrap to provide relief for your aches and pains. Prices can range from $50-$500, depending on what treatment you get.

A chiropractor is a great way to get affordable care, but be cautious with discount providers. Ask about credentials before you sign up for an appointment and avoid unqualified or even dangerous doctors if they are not qualified in their field. You may visit Dr. Dominic Lupori, a chiropractor in Greenville, SC, to ensure quality, safe, and effective chiropractic care.

What are the 15 benefits of chiropractic care?

Chiropractic care is a safe, drug-free, and effective treatment for many common health problems. We all know that chiropractors specialize in back pain relief, but there are many other benefits of visiting this type of doctor. From treating headaches to joint pain and so much more, here are some great reasons to see your affordable chiropractor, Greenville today:

Improved Mood And Sense Of Well Being

There are many ways to improve your mood and sense of well-being. We all need to take care of our mental health just as we do our physical health. One way is through chiropractic care. Chiropractors are skilled in treating back pain, neck pain, headaches, and other conditions that can affect mood and quality of life. Studies show that some people with chronic pain may have an increased risk for depression or anxiety disorders. Thus, it's important not only to treat any underlying condition but also to provide emotional support during the healing process. 

Reduced Stress Levels

Most people do not know that one of the most common causes of stress is poor posture. Sitting hunched over all day leads to back pain and neck pain. It also puts pressure on your spine and discs in your spinal column. Thus, it causes swelling or nerve irritation that eventually leads to chronic pain syndrome. Chiropractic care goes hand-in-hand with a healthy lifestyle because it helps eliminate many factors that create fatigue and burnout, such as headaches, muscle spasms, joint stiffness, and more.

Decreased Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common health problems in the United States. It impacts people of all ages and can cause debilitating chronic pain. Chiropractic care is a safe, effective way to manage back pain when it becomes too bothersome or limiting for daily life. Spinal adjustments are one way to reduce back pain.

Fewer Migraines Or Headaches

Studies have shown that chiropractic care can help people with migraines or headaches. In a study of people with tension-type headaches, 25% reported significant improvement in the frequency and severity of their symptoms after receiving chiropractic treatments for at least three months. That means they had fewer headaches or migraines. The adjustments align your spine, which helps to relieve pressure on your nerves and joints. 

More Restful Sleep

It can be hard to sleep well when you are stressed or anxious. Likewise, when our muscles are tense, it is more difficult for us to fall asleep and stay asleep throughout the night. Chiropractic care has been shown to help people with their posture and alignment, improving their overall health. Chiropractic Care has a proven track record of helping patients achieve restful sleep through improvements in their health.

Better Posture

Better posture, less neck stiffness, and muscle tightness in the upper back area. The spine is held straight without a hunchback appearance when standing up and sitting down, which can cause undue strain on other parts of your body like ankles, feet, and shoulders. Chiropractic care also reduces the risk of heart attack due to poor circulation.

Overall, a chiropractic adjustment releases tension from muscles that have become restricted over time due to repetitive movements causing them to shorten excessively (often leading to injury). By providing these adjustments regularly, you may be able to avoid injury and pain altogether.

The benefits of chiropractic care are vast, often outweighing the costs associated with it. The best way to find out if this option is right for you is to consult your chiropractor. A regular visit to an affordable chiropractor in Greenville could provide all these advantages or more for as little as $30 per session. 

Elite Spine Chiropractic offers affordable rates at our clinics in Greenville, NC. Dr. Lupori guarantees an effective and safe way to address any symptoms or disorders despite the affordable rate. 

How Can Elite Spine Chiropractic Help?

Elite Spine Chiropractic takes pride in being affordable so that all may have access to chiropractic care. Our chiropractors have the expertise to perform spinal adjustments. These help with neck pains, headaches, back pain, sciatica, or any other ailment caused by poor spinal alignment. When a person comes in for their first appointment, they will be examined, and then an affordable treatment plan is set up based on your needs, goals, and financial capacity.


Regular chiropractic care can help you maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. Elite Spine Chiropractic is an affordable chiropractor that offers various services to help you achieve your health and wellness goals. We take time with each patient, providing thorough care through our preventative maintenance program or individualized treatment plans for those suffering from chronic conditions like back pain, sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome. If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of chiropractic care, or if you would like to schedule an appointment with Elite Spine Chiropractor for any reason, please contact us today!


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