Nutritional Testing

Nutrition Energy Testing is a non-invasive, painless procedure that can help you find out what your body needs to be healthier and more vital. It has been used by patients with chronic illnesses, acute gut symptoms (e.g.: indigestion), gas, stomach cramping or acid reflux, constipation or diarrhea, floating stools, undigested food in the stools and chronic fatigue.

With this testing, you will be able to identify:  What foods might not agree with you. Identify which nutrients your body needs at a given time so that it can function the way it should. How to eat for optimum energy and vitality by following an anti-inflammatory diet.

The information gleaned from Nutrition Energy Testing is invaluable because it helps patients understand how their digestive system works, why they experience symptoms such as gas or stomach cramping, what vitamins or minerals may need supplementing and also provides valuable insights into eating healthy in order to promote health and vitality.

Nutrition Energy Testing is a noninvasive painless procedure that can help you find out what your body needs.

Ingestion of food causes a release of the hormone "ghrelin" which stimulates hunger. Ghrelin levels drop just before you go to sleep at night-time when your body begins its natural detoxification process so there's no appetite for breakfast until midday time again tomorrow."Intermittent Fasting". This can be seen by measuring saliva samples with an electronic device that measures salivary immunoglobulin A (sIgA) which is related to hunger.

Here are some of the more common reasons why patients have come in for testing: chronic illness, acute gut symptoms (e.g.: indigestion), gas, stomach cramping acid reflux, constipation or diarrhea floating stools undigested food in stool chronic fatigue mental fog weight conditions"Intermittent Fasting".

As a result of this test we can provide valuable insights into eating healthy and it will promote health and vitality."

How does Nutritional Testing work?

The examination begins by measuring your height, weight and heart rate variability. We then move on to muscle testing before finishing with blood pressure measurements.

A thorough examination and a detailed diagnosis are necessary before we can proceed with treatment for your condition.

We will also be asking some questions to help us identify which organs may need more nutrients and what symptoms or signs of toxicity you are experiencing.

Nutrition Energy Testing doesn't just look at what your body should take in; we also see how much of those nutrients make their way into your cells.

The program has helped many patients to enjoy a more vibrant life.

The human body is an amazing organism. Every day, it rebuilds itself - from the cells up. When we eat nutritious foods, our cells are strong and healthy because they have all of their essential nutrients available to them as needed.

At Elite Spine Chiro, we care about your health and well-being. We are concerned about what you eat because nutrition fires up your cells and builds bones and muscles. Without proper nutrition, people can suffer from a host of illnesses that can prevent you from enjoying life to the fullest!

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